About Us

How we got started..

Hi! This is Leah & Lindsey. It is nice to meet you! Thank you for your interest in Unfiltered Essentials.

Unfiltered Essentials has been providing handmade and all natural lotion bars and deodorant since early 2017.

We both work in healthcare and saw a need for a natural lotion that would help with our dry hands and eczema. When you work in the healthcare industry, you are constantly washing your hands and using hand sanitizers. We found that a lot of store bought lotions either made the problem worse or just didn’t make a difference at all. We decided to come up with an all natural solution and found the idea of a lotion bar. We started using lotion bars that we made ourselves and began to share them with our co-workers. They were an instant hit and the beginning of our journey as Unfiltered Essentials.

We decided on lotion bars because they are a no mess solution and environmentally friendly. All of our lotion bars come in their own metal tin (3” diameter), which makes them great to travel with. They are non-greasy, long lasting and smell AMAZING!

Unfiltered Essentials started with lotion bars, but our business quickly grew and we now offer all natural and aluminum free deodorants. Baking soda can act as an irritant for those with sensitive skin and we wanted to cater to our customers, so we offer both baking soda and baking soda free deodorants.

Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you!

Leah & Lindsey